Thread Painting

Last week I posted a link to the beautiful embroidery art of Meredith Woolnough. Not everyone has the talent, creativity and the patience of Meredith. However, according to Nancy Prince free motion embroidery or thread painting as it is commonly known can be achieved with some practice.  As luck has it, Nancy has lots of information on her website  and great videos on YouTube:

stitches with attitudes

Stitches with attitude:

First Flowers

First Flowers:

Intro to thread painting

Intro to Tread Painting:

There are more videos on YouTube by Nancy Prince and other artists. Too many to list them all here’

However, there is one artist I definitely want to mention and that is Cathy Franks. I first saw her work several years ago on The Quilt Show and I was blown away. Cathy’s method is more or less the same, except she does it on a longarm.  One of Cathy’s techniques is to thread paint on water solvable stabilizer that is later dissolved and the painting is then treated like a appliqué and stitched to the background fabric.

Here is one of her pieces:

Cathy Franks

Thread painting by Cathy Franks and a short video with Linda Taylor in which Cathy explains her technique: .

There is more eye candy on her website.

Although I could never aspire to reach the expertise of the above ladies, I have used the technique of stitching on water solvable stabilizer and then appliquéing the finished piece to a background with good results. The difference is that I did the embroidery on my BERNINA  embroidery machine. I made several items and then arranged them on a background and stitched them down with monofilament thread. That way I solved the problem of placement and avoided rehooping. I was quite pleased with the final result. I will show you a picture at a later date as soon as I have the time to finish writing the instructions and the pattern.


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