DIY Designs to cut and/or digitize

There is something new on my website.

From this: mistletoe To this: mistletoe1 or this: mistletoe 2or this:mistletoe

I never seem to have enough time to design and write instructions for full fledged embroidery or applique designs. So I am trying something different.  I am adding a page to my website with graphics for you to digitize or use as cutting files. They will include an SVG for the Silhouette Cameo and other cutting machines,  a WMF that can be opened in Bernina Designer software (and possibly other embroidery software?), and a PDF with examples showing what can be done with the design. If you prefer another format please let me know and I may be able to provide it.

Here is the first design:

mistletoeA simple design and you may ask what you can do with it. A whole lot actually. Start by opening the SVG file in Silhouette and cut 6 leaves and 6 berries. Next open the WMF file in Art Canvas and convert the berry to embroidery. Make several copies and arrange them in a cluster. Next convert the leaf to embroidery and with the wreath tool arrange 6 leaves in a circle around the berries. Change the berries and leaves to applique. Stitch the placement lines and place the cut fabric shapes carefully in the placement lines and fuse them in place.  Continue stitching the tack down and cover stitches. This is just a quick outline of the steps, not a full tutorial. You may, for example, wish to change the stitches, stitching order, change  colors or digitize some veins in the leaves. Finally, add some binding and you’ll end up with a cute mug rug:


If you are ambitious, you can also enlarge the design and turn it into a delightful table runner or possibly a tree skirt:

mistletoe 2

Of course, you could also just embroider the design. If you have Bernina Designer software you can import the WMF file into the Art canvas. WMF is a vector file, so there is no need to trace the image. Delete the background because you do not want to digitize that. Then select the whole image or just the part you need and click on Convert. This will take you to the Embroidery Canvas and you’ll have an embroidery file that may look something like this.

mistletoeYou can now change the fill and colors anyway you like. You can also change the stitch order in the color film and either delete the outlines or change their color. I just provide the basic design – you do the rest.

The leaf and berry can be arranged any way that strikes your fancy. It is free and available for download on my website.

Here is another free designs that would make a great mug rug.

poinsettiapoinsettiaFile includes an SVG for the Silhouette and a WMF that can be opened in Bernina Designer software and a PDF. Design can be either appliqued or embroidered. Either way you will have to add the veins and the flower center or any other embellishment.

And the last free one:

Circle of treesThis one too has an SVG for the Silhouette and a WMF that can be opened in Bernina Designer software, plus a PDF. Any further embellishments you want to add are up to you.

NOTE: I believe that only version 3 and the Studio Edition of the Silhouette can handle SVG files.

Design files can be downloaded from my website:

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Please leave a comment if you have any questions


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I am a quilter and designer of quilts and digital quilting patterns for longarm systems. I love to sew and all sorts of crafts

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