Floral Fantasy

I’ve been on a roll these last few weeks and had fun designing 5 applique patterns that can be cut on the Silhouette or just the old fashioned way, with regular scissors.

Aren’t they pretty? I am very pleased with them. Now I have to decide what to do with them. How about  this layout? With some nice borders and some pretty quilting in the empty blocks it would make a nice wall hanging or table topper.

whole quilt

The applique blocks will need a bit of quilting as well. Perhaps some small stippling?  Looking at the blocks now, I just realize that the photos changed the background color. I used the same pale yellow background fabric for all five blocks, but 4 of them are showing up as blue. Guess I am not a very good photographer. Oh well!

The appliques were designed for a class I’ll be teaching in the near future at Cozy Creative Center. They are available on my website as the downloadable set, Floral Fantasy, and include SVG files and templates for other applique methods plus instructions.They can be found under the SVG-PDF tab while the quilted designs are under the Quilting tab.

Next on my list are a series of downloadable quilting templates for the Silhouette and, as requested, also some quilting designs that can be stitched out with an embroidery machine. So stay tuned.

Until next time,



Author: Quilters Niche News

I am a quilter and designer of quilts and digital quilting patterns for longarm systems. I love to sew and all sorts of crafts

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