More on the Silhouette Cameo

I like to applique and sometimes combine it with my embroidery software, but there are times the shapes are just too large for my hoops and I stitch them down with a zigzag stitch on a regular sewing machine. It takes just a little bit of practice, but it is not all that hard to do and the advantage is that I don’t have to worry about hooping and placement. As much as I like and admire handwork, I just do not have the time for it anymore so I usually fuse my shapes to the background. I often layer several pieces with small details or accent pieces on top of the main shapes or I add embroidered veins on leaves or petals. It is handy to know where to place these items exactly and the Cameo can help me with this.  Here is a simple example, a little toadstool. Now image that you want the white dots in the exact same spots as in this picture. In this example placement is not critical, but for some other pictures the correct placement may be important indeed. For example when placing eyes and a mouth on a face you would probably want them to end up in the right place unless, of course, you are aiming for a Picasso knock off.

Anyway, for something similar to the toadstool below you probably received a Studio or SVG file that looks like the picture on the right:

toadstool 1            toadstool 1

Normally you would now separate the shapes so you can cut them from different colored fabric. You can move the stem now, but if you want to draw the placement lines for the white shapes, copy and paste those shapes first and move them to the side as shown below:

toadstool 2.

Now replace your fabric blade in the Silhouette with a colored sketch pen. Choose a color that will show up on the red fabric.  Then select the white shapes on the cap only by drawing a box around them or selecting them one by one while holding down the shift key. Make sure nothing else is selected. After you have prepared your fabric in the usual way and placed it on your mat you are now ready to draw the shapes on your fabric

toadstool 3

Next open the Cut Settings window and under Material Type scroll down and select Sketch Pen. Now click on Send to Silhouette and the placement lines for the white dots will be drawn on your fabric. Once that is done DO Not eject your mat. The silhouette will return to the start point. All you have to do is replace the sketch pen with the fabric blade and you can cut your shapes in the usual way. Just remember to select the shapes you want to cut and to enter your preferred cut settings.

The  same method can be used to draw placement lines on flowers and leaves that you can stitch over with your sewing machine.

It is my experience that the lines made with the sketch pens are not permanent, but disappear when they become wet, but there are some videos on YouTube showing how to use permanent markers.



Author: Quilters Niche News

I am a quilter and designer of quilts and digital quilting patterns for longarm systems. I love to sew and all sorts of crafts

2 thoughts on “More on the Silhouette Cameo”

  1. Thank you so much for this explanation. this will be a great help to me with my applique designs that I cut on the silhouette.


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