About me

Quilting is my hobby, designing is my passion.
I have been designing quilting patterns for computerized longarm quilting systems for almost 10 years and have a very large selection on my website: http://www.quiltersniche.com. When time permits I also love to design embroidery patterns and recently I acquired the Silhouette Cameo to cut fabric for applique shapes. From time to time I also design regular quilt patterns, the ones that need piecing. They are published by my daughter and son-in-law, Daniela and Rick Stout, owners of Cozy Quilt Designs and Cozy Creative Center, home of the Strip Club patterns.

I use both CorelDraw and Art and Stitch for my quilting designs, Electric Quilt for quilt patterns and Bernina Designer Plus for embroidery and have just started to familiarize myself with the HandiQuilter ProStitcher. Next on my list is to get more used to this blogging thing.

So the content of this blog will be a bit of a mixed bag, showing my new designs, thoughts on quilting, tools, and techniques. And when I come across some tips and tricks  to make things easier I’ll be sure to pass them on.

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