June Update

WOW, another month flew by. I really don’t know where the time goes, but I did manage to accomplish quite a bit.

I made progress on my paper pieced quilt. The top is done, the border is pieced, but still has to be attached and I still have to go over the pattern once more and make sure everything is okay and to check the yardage before I release the pattern. After that I’ll create the quilting designs and do the quilting. Because I have so many interests and projects, it is taking me much longer than I had expected and new ideas are already swirling around in my head.

I did get new quilting designs finished for June – late, but now done and I’ll post those around the same time as this blog. If you are interested, please visit my website. This month I wanted to show how essential and versatile triangle designs are in quilting. There is hardly a quilt block that does not have a triangle in it. Okay, that is probably an exaggeration, but they are very common and can be used in different ways. Here are some examples: Triangle-examples

There are 12 triangles on my New Design page. A few of them are not actually new, but I included them to show what you can do with a triangle. And prices are greatly reduced through the end of this month.

I also tried something new. These triangles are not only available as quilting designs, but also as embroidery files and as PDFs for free motion stitching.  If your background is a light fabric you can place the fabric over the design and trace it. Or you could transfer the design to tracing paper and place that on top of the quilt and stitch right over the lines. If necessary you can reduce or enlarge the designs with the help of a copy machine.

Be careful not to order the wrong type. They are digital designs and I cannot send refunds once they are downloaded.

Here are the places where you can find them:

Quilting designs are located at www.quiltersniche.com/quilting/new.htm
Embroidery designs: www.quiltersniche.com/embr-mach-quilting/triangles-1.htm
Free Motion designs (PDFs):  www.quiltersniche.com/freemotion/FMQ-triangles.htm

I plan to add more quilting designs for embroidery machines in the future. As for the free motion designs I have to wait and see how much interest there is for those.

Until next time,






Quilting Designs

In between my design work I’ve been working on a few more sewing projects for myself. I can’t show them just yet as they are not finished. I love garment sewing and have done so all my life. They fit better and last a lot longer than a lot of things bought in the store.  What I don’t like is that I get such dry hands from handling fabric (and paper). I always have some hand lotion nearby. The other day I sat at my desk, absorbed in my work when without looking, I opened a drawer to grab a tube of hand lotion and applied a generous amount to both hands. I did not understand why it felt so greasy, but when I looked at the tube I discovered that I had grabbed a tube of petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Boy, that was a dumb thing to do and hard to wipe off. I was, however, quite happy that I had not grabbed a glue stick and applied that to my mouth instead of chapstick. That would really have been bad. My Mom would have enjoyed that because when I was very young she sometimes threatened to glue my mouth shut if I did not stop talking. However, I did change my ways when I became older. Anyway, enough talking for now as I want to share some of my quilting designs for March.

MJ layout

These designs were requested by a customer and this is 1/4 of the layout of her quilt, but the 10 designs can be used any way you like.  Also available as 2 combo packs. Please visit my website for more details. If you have a request for quilting designs, let’s talk. I love special requests and charge the same as for the designs already on my website as long I they are the type that may appeal to other customers as well.

Happy quilting,


One task finished

Oh dear, I just realize I have been neglecting my blog posts. It is high time for another chat.

I’ve been soooo busy finishing  a project and am now so happy that it is done. 45 traditional block designs for a Farmer’s Wife quilt with 111 blocks. Lucky for me a lot of the designs can be used in more than one block so I did not have to design all 111. This one was a special request from a lady who was courageous enough to make the Farmer’s Wife quilt. I sure hope I’ll sell more than one set as it took me a long time to get all the blocks done. The designs are available as singles at a discounted price of $6.50 and to sweeten the deal even more I also combined them into combo packs of 10 designs each for $35.00 per pack bringing the price down to $3.50 each if you buy them in packs of 10. That is a real steal considering the many days it took me to get them done.

I call them traditional designs as many of them are not specific to the Farmers Wife quilt, but can be used on many other quilts too.  Here are just a few examples:

FW006-Big-Dipper     FW007-Birds-in-the-Air

FW056-Maple-Leaf    FW010-Bowtie

And one example of a combo pack:


My website has pictures of all 111 Farmer’s Wife blocks with their quilting designs so you never have to wonder which design goes where. If that is not sufficient I can even send you a PDF in the form of a list without pictures that should be easier to print out.

Talk you again soon.


Feather Swirl – Whole Cloth quilt


A couple of days ago I mentioned the whole cloth quilt I designed a while back. Well, here it is, at least a quarter of it. There are 8 files altogether. An on-point center with a frame around it to make it square and then several borders. The whole quilt measures about 54″ x 54″. I designed it for a promotion demoing the HQ Prostitcher at Cozy Creative Center. The center is about 14 3/4″ high so requires a good size machine throat depth. However, it can easily be split in half, if necessary. Mona Beck did the quilting.

Here is a picture of the layout to give you a better idea of the design.

Feather Swirl Whole clothThe 8 files of this design are available on my website as a combo package.

In the next week or so I hope to have the time to get back to my Silhouette Cameo and try if I can adapt a part of the Feather Swirl design to applique. Stay tuned.

Happy Labor Day everyone,


Tranquility Place quilting designs


Tranquility Place was the result of a cooperative effort between my daughter, Daniela, owner of Cozy Creative Center,  and myself. I blogged about the quilt earlier this year, but today I would like to show you the digital quilting designs I came up with for this quilt.  I like designing for specific quilts or blocks. It gives me a starting point instead of staring at a blank computer screen and wondering what to come up with next. Normally, the customer has to send me photos or drawings of the different blocks with the measurements so I can recreate the blocks and the basic layout of the quilt in either Electric Quilt or CorelDraw. That in itself is sometimes quite a job, but for Tranquility Place it was unnecessary as I had designed the quilt myself (with a few changes and additions by Daniela). I kept the basic layout as a backdrop and started drawing over it and kept changing and refining the design until it fit and I was happy with the design.

Here is an example of the backdrop together with my drawing


A quarter block was first which I then copied and mirrored.



I then repeated the double block to make the first row of the center.


That row was repeated three more times to fill the center with every other row mirrored vertically.


Finally there is a series of borders, shown partially below.


What? You’re not making a Tranquility Place quilt? No problem, the designs can be used on many different quilts, or would even make a lovely whole cloth quilt. Just be aware, that they are digitized designs for all popular computerized long arm machines. They can be ordered as a package or as individual files on my website.

The quilt pattern can be ordered from www.cozycreative center.

NOTE: All images and designs are copyright protected.

My latest quilting design.

It appears that I have been talking a lot about the Silhouette Cameo lately. I confess that I am in love with that little machine, but that does not mean that I have been neglecting my quilting designs. It just means that I have been busier than ever. Designing takes me quite a long time to make sure that everything is correct and on top of that there is my newsletter and my website to maintain. That is my excuse for not posting to this blog sooner. I’ll try to do better in the future, but today I want to show some of my latest quilting design. These are all digital designs for quilting systems that are computer guided. They are available on the New Designs page under Quilting on my website quiltersniche.com.

For those of you who do not have computerized quilting systems, I have great news. With the help of some research I have discovered a way to cut quilting stencils on the Silhouette Cameo. With those stencils and a pounce you can mark your quilts quickly and easily. I believe the pounce uses chalk or something similar and the lines are not permanent. It can be used to quilt with a regular sewing machine or to stitch free motion on a long-arm. I am busy converting a bunch of my designs into stencils that you will be able to download and cut on your own Silhouette on some other cutting machine as long as it can open Studio3 or SVG files. I’ll have more information soon. In the meantime I would like to hear from you if that is something you would be interested in. If so, please leave a comment. Below is one example.

narrow feathers

Happy quilting and crafting.

Until text time.


New digital quilting designs

Athletic Shoes 2       Athletic Shoes 1  SP-016-Athletic-shoes

First of all a quilting pattern I designed for Diane Bennett-Meyer in Australia a month or so ago (maybe a bit more – time passes so quickly). Diane needed a special design for a quilt she made for a teenage relative who just loves a certain brand of shoes. The quilt turned out great, cheerful and colorful and the quilting looks great too. Diane was so pleased with the result that she sent me these photos. Thank you Diane. I am sure the recipient will be very happy with the gift.

Then I have some designs I released just a few days ago:

SCF-503-Carols-Feathers  SCF-502-Danas-Feathers  SCF-507-Friedas-Feathers-rev

SCF-505-Friedas-Feather-Block  SCF-504-Friedas-Feather-Triangle   SCF-506-Friedas-Feather-Frame

As a Thanksgivings Special these 6 feather files are available as a package for only $30.00 through December 6, 2014 or as singles at the regular price of $10.00 each.

Details can be found at http://www.quiltersniche.com/quilting/New.htm or enter the item number in the search box on my website.


All designs and other content are copyright protected http://www.quiltersniche.com and/or Georgette Dell’Orco.