Big embroidery ideas – small hoop.

When you like big designs, but only have a small hoop, there is a solution. This works for both free standing lace embroidery and applique designs. Just group several small designs together and treat them as applique.

Instead of stitching them on hooped fabric, stitch each design on water soluble stabilizer (WSS). Free standing lace and applique designs can be stitched in the normal way. Other lace designs may need an extra layer of either tule, organza, or a grid of cross-hatched stitched lines and defined edges so that that the design does not fall apart when the stabilizer is dissolved.

After the WSS is removed and the designs are dry arrange them on your quilt or quilt block. A bit of washable glue on the back will hold them in place. Use a regular sewing machine with monofilament thread or embroidery thread that matches the design. A straight stitch around the outside edge or a narrow zigzag stitch will do the trick and does not require hooping.

The advantage of this system is that you can fill a quilt block with embroidery and decide on the placement of the designs before they are attached. You could even make a whole wall hanging that way. Here is an example I made a couple of years ago:


Have fun everyone.




Feather Swirl – Whole Cloth quilt


A couple of days ago I mentioned the whole cloth quilt I designed a while back. Well, here it is, at least a quarter of it. There are 8 files altogether. An on-point center with a frame around it to make it square and then several borders. The whole quilt measures about 54″ x 54″. I designed it for a promotion demoing the HQ Prostitcher at Cozy Creative Center. The center is about 14 3/4″ high so requires a good size machine throat depth. However, it can easily be split in half, if necessary. Mona Beck did the quilting.

Here is a picture of the layout to give you a better idea of the design.

Feather Swirl Whole clothThe 8 files of this design are available on my website as a combo package.

In the next week or so I hope to have the time to get back to my Silhouette Cameo and try if I can adapt a part of the Feather Swirl design to applique. Stay tuned.

Happy Labor Day everyone,


Embroidery Art by Meredith Woolnough



I just had to share. Can you believe that this was created on a sewing machine? Absolutely stunning. You can see more of Meredith Woolnough’s work at and her blog: and there is actually a video showing how she does it at: