Free Motion Quilting

I am overwhelmed with the interest shown in my new blog. A big thank you to everyone that signed up. The post on burying thread was a big hit. I hope to find some more great tips.

I may be a designer of digital designs, but I enormously admire people that free motion quilt. From time to time I dabble in it myself, but the results are not great. I usually stick to some stippling or meandering with monofilament thread. However, I just came across a blog with great tutorials on Free Motion Quilting and I want to pass this on. The site is the Inbox Joint Jaunt by Lori Kennedy. dizzy daisy by Lori Kennedy  is one example of her charming designs. And best of all her tutorials are free and so are her designs, but those are for personal use only, so please do not abuse her copyright.

Next time Ill show you a quilt I designed that was published by Cozy Quilt designs in their strip club series. So stay tuned.


Author: Quilters Niche News

I am a quilter and designer of quilts and digital quilting patterns for longarm systems. I love to sew and all sorts of crafts

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