A Farmer’s Wife

FW001 Attic Window
FW023 Country Farm

What was I thinking…………….

A while back I was asked to create quilting designs for a Farmer’s Wife quilt. I had never heard of this quilt, but after some research I found out that it was a quilt that was originally designed in the 30s and consisted of an enormous number of different blocks, 111 to be exact. In the last couple of years it has become popular again, especially with quilt-along groups after a couple of Farmer’s Wife Quilt books were published. Still, I hesitated. 111 blocks is a large number, but after seeing some of the blocks, I realized that a lot of them are still in use today and I was told I could take me time so I accepted the challenge.

Fortunately for me, some of the quilting designs fit into more than just one block which brings the total number down. So far I have posted designs for the first 23 blocks on my website. They can be found on the New Designs-2 tab for one month until they are replaced by new ones. Their permanent home is under Traditional Blocks because that is really what they are, traditional.  Even if you are not making a Farmer’s Wife Quilt, you may be able to use the designs on lots of other quilts. It will take me a couple of months to get them all done, but I am glad I decided to go ahead with this project. The designs are actually quite fun to create and I am presently working on the next group.

Here are a few more examples:

FW20- Churn Dash
FW012 Broken Sugar Bowl
FW007 Birds in the Air

The blocks are small, only 6 inches, and I ignored some of the seam lines. Filling each little patch with a design would have made the quilting way too dense.  You may also know some of these blocks by different names. Old blocks are often known under 2 or more names. I just used the ones in the Farmer’s Wife quilt.

Happy quilting, everyone.


Author: Quilters Niche News

I am a quilter and designer of quilts and digital quilting patterns for longarm systems. I love to sew and all sorts of crafts

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