Tranquility Place quilting designs


Tranquility Place was the result of a cooperative effort between my daughter, Daniela, owner of Cozy Creative Center,  and myself. I blogged about the quilt earlier this year, but today I would like to show you the digital quilting designs I came up with for this quilt.  I like designing for specific quilts or blocks. It gives me a starting point instead of staring at a blank computer screen and wondering what to come up with next. Normally, the customer has to send me photos or drawings of the different blocks with the measurements so I can recreate the blocks and the basic layout of the quilt in either Electric Quilt or CorelDraw. That in itself is sometimes quite a job, but for Tranquility Place it was unnecessary as I had designed the quilt myself (with a few changes and additions by Daniela). I kept the basic layout as a backdrop and started drawing over it and kept changing and refining the design until it fit and I was happy with the design.

Here is an example of the backdrop together with my drawing


A quarter block was first which I then copied and mirrored.



I then repeated the double block to make the first row of the center.


That row was repeated three more times to fill the center with every other row mirrored vertically.


Finally there is a series of borders, shown partially below.


What? You’re not making a Tranquility Place quilt? No problem, the designs can be used on many different quilts, or would even make a lovely whole cloth quilt. Just be aware, that they are digitized designs for all popular computerized long arm machines. They can be ordered as a package or as individual files on my website.

The quilt pattern can be ordered from www.cozycreative center.

NOTE: All images and designs are copyright protected.


Author: Quilters Niche News

I am a quilter and designer of quilts and digital quilting patterns for longarm systems. I love to sew and all sorts of crafts

4 thoughts on “Tranquility Place quilting designs”

    1. Thank you CJ. The quilt measures approximately 92″ x 80″, but can be made square by eliminating one of the borders (number 4, counting from either the top or bottom). If that is still too big other borders can also be eliminated. The center part measures 48″ square. The pattern for piecing was written by my daughter as a 5-step block of the month book in full color with additional layouts for other quilts also included. It can be ordered from


  1. What size is the tranquility quilt? I can’t seem to find them on the pattern description. Your designs are beautiful and I am certainly interested in making a whole cloth quilt with them.

    Thank you for your time and reply.

    Ev Munce


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